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Good Is In The Details

Dec 31, 2022

Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome Rabbi Dr. Mark Goldfarb.  It's the end of 2022, let's talk about what gives life meaning and joy.  How can faith help us navigate life? How can we discuss interfaith relationships?  And, yes, Rudy asked about aliens.  We're incredibly grateful to learn from Rabbi Mark about these...

Dec 16, 2022

Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome Kate Mangino to discuss her book Equal Partners. Improving Gender Equality at Home.  Who does the work at home?  How can we communicate our needs in relationships?  What does gender equality look like?  

Learn more about Kate Mangino:

Read Kate's essay

Dec 8, 2022

Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome Professor Aaron James (UC Irvine, Chair of the Philosophy Department).  How do the tools of philosophy shape and enhance our experiences in life?  What is the relationship between money, banking, the state, and morality?  We discuss Aaron's upcoming memoir, the role of creative...

Nov 28, 2022

Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo celebrate their 100th episode with gratitude and shoutouts (Jeff Cortese, Erin Darling, Angela Gorrell, Mark D White, and Matt Ritter to name a few)!  Thank you to our amazing listeners and guests.   Thank you to the podcast community for your support (special mention to Sieze the Moment...

Nov 13, 2022

Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome back Philosophy Professor Mark D White to discuss his book, Marvel Comics' Thor: If They Be Worthy.  What is the psychology worthiness? How does one create a life of worth?  How can philosophy help us unpack and examine the character Thor?  Is Rudy just like Thor? #RudyisThor