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Good Is In The Details

Jan 31, 2024

Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo present "The Why of Podcasting" for the OutlierHQ Podcast Festival.  We share the story and creation of Good Is In The Details, some tips for podcasters, and our journey of learning through producing the show.  

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Jan 22, 2024

Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome Philosophy Professor Matthew Congdon (Vanderbilt University).  We discuss his book Moral Articulation On the Development of New Moral Concepts.  How do we frame moral issues?  How does language play a role in the way we consider morality?  Can transportation reflect our ideas of...

Jan 12, 2024

Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome Philosopher, author, speaker, Tom Morris Ph.D. (The Art of Achievement and Plato's Lemonade Stand).  How does Philosophy inform and guide our lives?  Our understanding of success?  Goal setting?  How can the wisdom of Philosophy help us with change?  

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